Therapy, self-expression and vocational painting and creativity with physically, mentally and developmentally challenged children and adults.

Sari Sisters

Sari Sisters is our microenterprise created for women and teens liberated from destitution, human trafficking and the sex trade in India. We make and sell beautiful accessories handmade from braided silk sari cloth, the traditional clothing for women in India. Our profits support our children and elderly and teach the women entrepreneurship and service.


Women working. Women wearing. Supporting widows and orphans.

“...three strands cannot be broken.”

Yoga of Love

The joy of relationship building and finding freedom and healing through movement, laughter and love.

Yoga classes for women liberated from human trafficking and special needs children and adults.

Sacred Stories

Sacred Stories is a new initiative for 2015 in which we will begin to record the anonymous stories of women who have been liberated from human trafficking. The women will participate in self-portrait, writing and verbal storytelling projects as a form of self-expression, healing and a tool for building the self-esteem needed to create a new life.